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Rates are based on the number of pets you have and your location.
Please call (503) 439-6612 today for an estimate.
A. Pet Sitting

Taking a vacation or a business trip?

Not sure what to do with your pets while you are away?

Not interested in placing your pets in a kennel?

Then a pet sitter might be the option for you.

We visit your home one, two or three times per day depending on your specific needs. During those visits, we:

  • Feed your pets
  • Let your dog out for bathroom duties
  • Scoop the litter box
  • Give medications if needed
  • Brush your pets
  • Play with your pets
We also perform these services at no extra charge:

  • Bring your mail in
  • Water your plants
  • Set your garbage or recycling out
  • Turn lights on/rotate your blinds to give your home a lived in look
B. Daily Dog Walks

Do you work long hours?

Are you unable to give your dog the exercise he or she needs?

Do you have a new puppy that would benefit from the added midday attention?

Then a daily dog walker might be the option for you.

We visit your home during the midday to walk your dog.

Most customers choose to have the daily dog walking service 2-3 times per week.

Come home to find your pet happy, relaxed and well exercised!
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